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Choose the PLANE

for Your TASTE!

Our fleet consists of several types of airplanes for each category. You can choose that on which technological branch you would like to learn to fly.

Classic metal built planes with classic Lycoming engines or new-era plastic planes with Rotax engines? Both branches has it’s own reasons, it’s up to you which one you choose, we have a plane for it.

Become a PILOT!

Cessna / Reims F150

The legendary basic trainer airplane, ideal for PPL SEP training. 90% of pilots on the world have learnt to fly on Cessna 150.

Cessna / Reims F172

The 4 seat version of the legendary Cessna. This type is the airplane manufactured at the highest number in history ever. Whereever you go on the planet, there are Cessna 172s. Our one is an upgraded version with stronger engine, variable pitch propeller, stall-kit ailerons and an extra fuel tank. Ideal for advanced training, gaining skills to handle a more complex airplane than the basic trainers.

Cessna F150 Aerobat

A modified version of the C150 designed for aerobatic manoeuvres. The reinforced structure has load limits up to +6/-4 g. Ideal for intentional spin training what is allowed only on aerobatic aeroplanes. Our plane has a stronger engine and reinforced landing gear for a bonus!

Tecnam P96 Golf 100

A new-era italian design, light, agile, fast, gives you the feeling like sitting in a fighter. Ideal for ultralight training.

Apollo C-15D DeltaJet

New planes joining our fleet!

Our team visited the Magnus Aircraft Factory which is a hungarian plane construction company located at Pécs-Pogány Airport (LHPP). Thanks to our progressing cooperation we are proud to announce that 12 new Fusion 212 planes will join our fleet soon.




The Fusion 212 is reliable, economic, comfortable, and affordable. This aircraft is a low-wing monoplane, its symmetrical wing profile provides it with superb aerobatic capabilities.