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Frequently Asked Questions

What licence can I get, what can I do with it?


Private Pilot Licence, for Single Engine Piston category airplanes.
This is the first step of your career, the basement of all further licence. You can apply for higher trainings only by having PPL.

With the PPL you can fly for yourself as a hobby, gaining more experience. You are allowed to take passangers with you, but you are not allowed to do any commercial activities, you can not ask or take money for the filght.

Flexwing microlight licence:

Ultralight, centre-of-gravity controlled airplane, in Central-Europe commonly known as „moto-dragons”.

Ultralight, fixed wing airplane licence: 

Airplane of 450 kg or lighter, which is suitable for hobby flights. From this category you can convert to SEP category.

Having the PPL licence the pilot can fly at daylight in good meteorological conditions. You can cross state borders if you have the ICAO language proficiency. Minimum level 4 is needed of the ICAO english rating to do cross-border flights.

Why I have to gain flight hours?

In the world of aviation, experience is measured by hours flown. For applying to further trainings after the PPL, the trainee must have declared flight hours.
Similar as other complex activities, knowledge of handling an airplane is also built on practice. Practice, practice, practice…

How can I apply?

By filling the application form on our website. You application is handled by our coordinator, she will do every administrative actions for you.

What is the language of the training?

Trainings are in english, because english is the official language of aviation.

What exactly is the cadet system?

The cadet system training is just like a school. Trainees are getting the theoretical education in groups, following a schedule. Household exams are done in groups too. 

In the cadet training a uniform is needed, which we provide to our trainees. Flight lessons can be done by schedule also.

Are there non-cadet ways of training?

Yes. Private training is accomodating to the trainee’s freetime. But instructors can not be taken away from the cadet trainings in favour of the private trainee. So private training must be coordinated and submissed to the cadet training.

In private training uniform is not needed.